“The Home Business Secret That
Money In Your Purse”

If you can bake a cake you can make soap!

If you can make soap you can turn it into cash!

If you enjoy making soap already and are not making a huge profit, then you are missing something...

Something BIG!

Soap Making For Profit is a totally unique ebook which outlines the principles by which you can make money from making soap, in simple, easy steps.

In the Soap Making For Profit ebook I show you in easy steps how to turn an enjoyable and creative arts and crafts hobby into a profitable business.

  • Are you tired of having no spare cash?

Soap making is a fascinating, enjoyable and creative hobby, but did you ever realize that it could actually become an excellent source of income?

  • Would you like more time with your family?

Making a batch of soap can take as little as 30 minutes, you could make several batches, check on some you made earlier, order some supplies and still be finished by lunchtime.

  • Are you making soap but not making money from it?

Perfecting your soap recipe is rewarding in itself, but once you have created your masterpiece what better reward than being able to sell it to others and profit from your efforts.

  • Are you tired of your day job?

Whether you are doing it to bring in a little extra cash, or even simply to help you afford more supplies to continue with your hobby, making a profitable income from soap making is the obvious way to continue with your hobby.

Here is what other people are saying about Soap making for Profit:

“I recently purchased your e-book. Everything I read made so much sense. I had been looking all over the Internet for information that could help me and your e-book brought all the information together in a way that was easy to understand and easy to put into practice. I found many ideas within your book for marketing and promotion of my product, that I wish I had found it earlier. The safety information and details of the cosmetics regulations were particularly helpful, because the legalities were something that had been putting me off for ages. I can see I will be referring to this guide for a long time.”

Mrs Peplow.
Surrey, U.K.


“Your e-book has given me some great ideas which I have incorporated and passed on to another new business owner as well.

The approach is very common sense, with an Internet slant that makes all the difference. Your techniques have enabled me to get started in the right way and kick-start my own business quickly.”

Carol Clark
Victoria, Australia


“When I started making soaps to sell alongside my range of aromatherapy products there wasn't much in the way of business advice to be found. I had to stumble through and learn from my own mistakes. How I wish I'd had Gary's book back then!

Learning from other people's experience is a great short-cut to success and Gary packs years of experience into this book. There is no soft-soap here, just hard facts that everyone who wants to make money from their soap crafting business must know.”

Martin Avis.


Does any of the following describe your situation?

  • Fed up with the rat race?

Follow the techniques and principles outlined in Soap Making for Profit and soon you may be able to 'sack' your boss!

  • A housewife or one parent family who can’t work regular hours, but you often have some time to spare?

Build your soap making business to suit your circumstances and work when you want to.

  • Can’t work for medical reasons?

You set the rules and requirements. If there are some things you are physically unable to do? Hire help for that aspect of the soap making business.

  • Retired and bored?

Unretire! Who says you can only be productive until you are sixty or sixty five?

  • A student with limited cash but lots of spare time?

The start-up costs for soap making are extremely modest, you can increase or decrease production to suit your spare time and your pocket.

If you answered yes to any of the above points then Soap Making For Profit is for you.

Let me show you the six techniques every new business owner needs to master.

I will reveal the five areas that must not be overlooked if you are to succeed.

The insider secrets that can mean the difference between taking home the cash, or taking home the soap!

When should you run screaming to your bank for money... and when you should avoid it at all costs!

I will take you step by step from nowhere, to profits you have only dreamed about.

Whether you use the cold process using lye, melt and pour, or re-batch process, this ebook will assist you with your business.


In Chapter 1 I explain everything you need to know as you begin your venture, including a simple and effective 9 point step-by-step plan to get your new business off the ground.

You will also discover how to develop the business processes that will ensure you can run your business in an effective, sustainable and repeatable way.

How to prepare a financial plan that will secure your new business and ensure that you control the financial aspects effectively.

How to develop a winning profit plan to ensure that your sales will result in success, rather than just breaking even.



Chapter 2 goes on to explain the principles you must follow when organizing supplies from wholesalers, the pitfalls to avoid and how to maximise your profits by purchasing wisely.



Market Research is essential if you are to blow away the competition, Chapter 3 explains exactly what you need to do and gives you the resources to do it with ease.



...and that's just the first three chapters!

...there are yet another 5 content filled chapters which complete the story of your journey to Soap Making for Profit.

In addition to this there are free bonuses at the end of the book including a unique product quality questionnaire and sample stock list and "must know" safety information.

Soap Making For Profit is available now for only $47 - I think you'll agree this is a very small price to pay for your lasting financial security.

For a limited time only you can buy Soap Making for Profit for $37 - Yes! that's right, for a limited time you can get $10 off the true price for this valuable work. But this offer will not last for ever, so don't delay, get your copy before the price rises.

In addition to all this I am offering you my Cast Iron Guarantee.

If at any point during the first 8 weeks you are not completely satisfied that Soap Making For Profit is every bit as good as I say it is.

I will give you a full, no questions asked refund.





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